Our Association

Bellow are the Associations and clubs that we are certified and affiliated with that give us our accreditation and certification. 


The World Tang Soo Do Association 

We are proud to be a part of the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA)founded in 1982 by Master Jae Chul Shin. As of 1996 the new organization has grown at an outstanding rate to reach over 100,000 members in 36 countries.

In 1968 Master Jae Chul Shin came to the United States of America as the U.S. representative for the Korean Tang Soo Do Association. He formed the U.S. Tang Soo Do Federation in Burlington, New Jersey in 1968. This traditional Korean Martial Art was quickly accepted and soon grew in popularity throughout the World.

The organization reformed to fit new demands internationally, and on November 13 and 14th, 1982, a charter convention of the World Tang Soo Do Association was held in Philadelphia, PA., USA. With the advent of the World Tang Soo Do Association, Tang Soo Do began a new era of development as a traditional martial art.
[information courtesy WTSDA]

With the WTSDA, we standardized, certified and accredited with highly recognized martial arts association; a blackbelt under the WTSDA holds a lot of weight in the martial arts world. With thousands of locations around the world, WTSDA membership allows students to continue their martial arts journey, and pick up right where they left off, if they happen to move to a different city.

The World Ki Gong Club

The World Ki Gong Club (WKGC) was developed in response to the overwhelming acceptance of ancient Korean Ki Gong practice among members of the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA.) Under the direction of Grandmaster Jae C. Shin there was new and renewed interest in Ki Gong exercises and principles. Due to the many requests for information about training protocols the World Ki Gong Club was formed. This natural interest continues today because one of the major purposes in the study of Tang Soo Do is the expansion of health and promotion of vitality.

Ki Gong is the Korean pronunciation of Qi Gong 气功, sometimes Chi Gong,  and Is currently headed by Michael Inoshita. "We are dedicated to the development of Ki Gong in the world for the mutual benefit of all. We will promote the philosophical framework of Ki Gong practice and take responsibility for the propagation of seminars and training programs. We seek to open channels to reach advanced Masters in the field of Ki Gong and will assist in the training and teaching of the science, art and philosophy of Ki Gong. The WKGC will serve as a forum for the mutual exchange of information for all members. We share a responsibility to ask and answer questions related to Ki Gong training as well as ensure that all information is passed to all members of the club. We share a belief that our world not only needs but also deserves Ki Gong practice and that regular practice will create a healthier more vibrant society."